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Based in Denver, Colorado...I founded Ethos in the fall of 2018 after finding out that I had the APOE e4/e4 allele which increases a persons risk of Alzheimer's by 12x. After witnessing my grandfather's cognitive decline from severe Alzheimer's, I saw what my future likely has in store.

I knew I wasn’t the only person in this position. So, I decided to start a company that would tirelessly test, produce and iterate products that would enable people to perform at their very best with the time that they have left. Alongside this, the company would focus on providing as much value and resources to implementing positive change around the world.

When Ethos is distilled down to its first principle, you realize it is simply a company that is committed to improving quality of life through any means necessary. We here at Ethos can't wait to see all the amazing things you will create and accomplish.

Your friend,
Austin Lockard

Our Promise

Our Responsibility:
Over $2,500 Donated

We donate a percent of every sale to Environmental Causes, Mental Health and Veterans

Fisher Center Research Foundation

The Fisher Center is an organization that provides millions of dollars for novel Alzheimer’s research primarily conducted by the late Nobel laureate Dr. Paul Greengard and his team of over 45 internationally renowned scientists.

1% for the planet non-profit logo

1% for the Planet

Business members give directly to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations. 1% For the Planet certifies that giving, and ensure their members’ donations make the most impact possible.

Seal Future Foundation

To provide Navy SEALs a foundation that supports their well-being, education, and career to continue a life of service within their communities.

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