Tailored to build mental performance

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Mental Performance



Strategic Thought


Physical Endurance


The Science

Our chemists conduct deep research to ensure our products are the most effective cognition supplements available. Our supply chain prioritizes sustainable sourcing, packaging and delivery.

Where Nature meets Science

  • MIND

    Your brain is your most important asset. It is a vastly complex system that needs certain nutriments to maximize its potential. We are here to simplify that process.

  • BODY

    Your body is your vessel in this life -- you get out what you put in. Age is becoming an arbitrary number. We are at the forefront of nutrient science to ensure your body stays in peak performance, regardless of age.


    Wellbeing can be summed up as health and happiness. Ethos ensures that your mind and body are aligned -- enabling you to focus on the things that make you happy - connecting with others and achieving your goals.

Customer Feature

Mike Bowles

Michael struggled for years with something that this supplement was able to quickly help with. It gave him the foundations to build a better existence on.
  • Work - Ethos


    Gain the relentless focus you need to dominate whatever life throws at you.

  • Ethos Rest melatonin and CBD sleep aid gummy bears


    Sustain excellent performance long term by harnessing better sleep.