5 Wellbeing Hacks for Driven Professionals in 2020

5 Wellbeing Hacks for Driven Professionals in 2020 | Ethos
We are well into 2020 and usually by February I'm feeling a bit fatigued from all the adrenaline, ideas, and inspiration I have running through January. I'm back in the gym, waking up early, meeting monthly work goals, and feeling like I'm going to win the year ahead! The second February comes around, I'm finding my pace slowing down and always try to remind myself that I need to take things at a reasonable pace and focus on a balance that allows me to work and have rest.

Hi! I’m Supal, a travel lifestyle blogger and a corporate professional all at the same time! My content caters to people who work, but also are looking to live a fulfilled lifestyle. So I'm here today to share my 5 wellness hacks for driven professionals!

## Balanced Diet 
When it comes to any wellness hack, the first thing is to have a balanced diet full of nutrition and lots of water. If you're indulgences like I am, then focus on having a healthy breakfast to start the day with protein and healthy fats like a green shakshuka  Starting the day on the right foot will help you continue making healthier choices throughout the day and ultimately give you great energy to get through your day.

## Get the Work In
Ever felt like you started the day strong and then hit a wall? One thing I'm trying to do more of is staying consistent with my work ethic and energy. On the days where I feel a lull coming on, I take Ethos' Work supplement right after lunch to increase my mental performance! I grew up taking Ashwagandha to help improve my memory. Work combines that with ingredients like L-Theanine (found in green and black teas) to keep your mental focus sharp and stress at bay.

## Take Breaks Often
This takes some time and can be a great challenge to work on and hone throughout the year. The most successful people in life know when to step away from their work or when to say "no." You don't want to work on something for 6 hours with mediocre effort. Focus on putting your all into your assignment without distractions for 1 or 2 hours at a time and then take a quick break. You'll see the output and quality increase!

## Keep Learning
One of the key results people want from wellness hacks is happiness. The thing that brings us down and puts mental and physical strain on us at work is feeling bored and overwhelmed. If you love the process of what you do, then you won't work a day in your life. So keep learning at work! Find ways to get involved, learn new skills, try a new technique. It will keep things new, exciting, and creative.

## Win the Day
At the end of the day, I like to just reflect on the everything that has happened and list out all the "wins" from that day. They don't have to be big ones like landing big contracts, but maybe you got some recognition for your efforts, you felt happy about a task completed, paid a compliment and made someone smile. A positive mindset support healthy and balanced behavior and I've shared 5 productive ways to bring more positivity to your life here!

What are some of your wellness hacks?


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