5 Tips to Stay Focused at Work

5 Tips to Stay Focused at Work | Ethos

We live in a high-pressure world full of distractions. You are constantly expected to do more in less time, with more interruptions. Oh, and your work is flawless with no errors as well, right? 

The only way to combat these pestering forces is to stay as focused as possible on any given task. What most people do not know about staying focused is that it needs to be cultivated over time and established into your behavior before you can truly gain from the benefits. 

Here are 5 tips to help establish focus:

1.  Know when you work best

Is there a time of day when you are most productive? Maybe there are a few hours you know when you will not be as disturbed. Take full advantage of those hours for your most demanding tasks or creative types of work. 

2.  Make a daily plan

Never try to tackle more than 2-3 things at any given time. Make a daily list and allow yourself to prioritize what is most important for that day. 

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3. Dedicate hours of your day to shut down

Eliminate your distractions for a few hours a day to keep you focused. Our phones are always ringing and buzzing with calls, texts, and notifications. We live in a world where we feel obligated to stay up to date on everything from world events to social events. A few hours without these interruptions is the best way to maintain focus in the long run.

    1. Don’t go on social media
    2. Set do not disturb

4. Do yoga

Yoga can teach you to be present. By practicing yoga regularly, your ability to stay present and focused during your daily tasks can improve without having to put in the effort. 

5. Take breaks

It might sound counterproductive to stop working when you have more to do than ever, but studies have shown that stepping away can actually help you maintain your focus better. Go for a walk, step outside, or call someone to clear your mind. Not thinking about your work a few minutes multiple times a day can lead to more mental clarity.

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