4 Morning Habits to Stay Energized in 2021

4 Morning Habits to Stay Energized in 2021 | Ethos

Do you feel sluggish at the start of your day but want to turn into a morning person? Try incorporating some or all of these practices into your morning routine for more energy throughout the day. 

Sleeping well is essential to wake up energized and ready for every day. However, if you also start incorporating these simple methods into your daily routine, you find yourself on your way to feeling energized overall and ready to seize opportunities.


While this might be a given tactic to increase your endorphins in the morning, exercise does not need to be long, intense, or complicated. Going for a simple morning walk, doing some easy stretches, or a quick 10-minute yoga practice can have this effect. 

Studies have shown that movement in the morning can help you sleep better at night and leave you more alert throughout the day. Your attention span will increase, and the ability to stay focused will be more effortless.

Slow Down

Slowing down in the morning can seem counterproductive to your energy, but it will instill your body to have energy throughout each day and establish overall vitality to your body. Meditation, journaling, or setting a daily intention can all be tactics for you to slow down. If you feel rushed every morning, try setting your alarm just 10-15 minutes each morning to take a moment before jumping into the day.

Green Smoothie

Fruits and veggies in your diet can help your body feel energized but give your morning an extra boost to stay productive all day long with a green smoothie for breakfast. Consistently mix up the fruits and vegetables in your recipe to ensure your body and brain are getting the right nutrients it needs for a balanced and consistent flow of energy.

Establish a routine

While there are many different methods to include in your morning routine to stay energized, simply having a routine can be the easiest way to energize yourself. Your routine can be 5 minutes or a few hours, but having some sort of daily morning routine can give your mind what it needs to clear your mind and be ready for the day. You will find yourself with more energy when it is not wasting problem-solving first thing each and every morning. A routine can wake up your body faster and remove distractions to give your mind more capacity for other critical moments during the rest of the day.

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