A revolution in focus,
empowerment and
mental wellbeing

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Brain + body supplements formulated to maximize your time on this planet.

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Why Ethos?

Time is of the essence

So we spent years developing and refining the perfect blend of nature and science to support your brain and body in the best possible ways…

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Our Products

Designed for life's demands from Rise to Rest

  • Work - Ethos


    Gain the relentless focus you need to dominate whatever life throws at you.

Athlete Feature

Stefanie Flippin

Stefanie has been using ‘Work’ for the last three months and has seen incredible results in her free running career. Here’s what made the difference.

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Based In Science

Where Nature meets Science


Your brain is your most important asset. It is a vastly complex system that needs certain nutriments to maximize its potential. We are here to simplify that process.


Your body is your vessel in this life -- you get out what you put in. Age is becoming an arbitrary number. We are at the forefront of nutrient science to ensure your body stays in peak performance, regardless of age.


Wellbeing can be summed up as health and happiness. Ethos ensures that your mind and body are aligned -- enabling you to focus on the things that make you happy - connecting with others and achieving your goals.

Customer Feature

Justin Hill

Justin spends his time balancing between creativity and running his businesses. Ethos gave him the freedom to cultivate both.

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