Tired of the divide between the yoga, fitness and science worlds, we created a space that brings them together for optimal MIND/BODY training. We believe there are people like us who love yoga and sports and no longer want to think of them as separate activities.

ETHOS husband and wife co-founders feel passionate about creating a sacred space without pretence for people to explore their own authenticity through movement of all shades for people of all ages and levels. Both are Cambridge graduates (PhD in Biotechnology/Neuroscience and MPhil in Indian Philosophy/Sanskrit) who have spent more than 30 years in professional sports, dance, science and academia and remain deeply involved with ETHOS.

For them it is essential to teach and practice daily with their students. It is why we are committed to being an independent studio and not a corporate. It’s not about the bottom-line, but about changing people’s lives up close and personal. This is how we maintain a fresh and fluid approach that’s ever evolving so our members never plateau. Our product is backed by the credibility and integrity of our 40+ strong team, each one a master of their field; from yoga gurus to ex-professional dancers and cyclists, military officers, Cambridge scholars and scientists.

ETHOS is the ultimate yoga fitness hybrid experience with all one needs in one convenient location. We see ourselves as alchemists; divisors of new methods, mixing up unique mind/body workout combinations to achieve deep transformation at all levels. For us, yoga encompasses all our offerings as they are methods with the goal of finding each person's authenticity.

This means giving each individual a way to personalize their physical, mental and creative expressions. At ETHOS studios you have every possible workout combination at your fingertips, so start experimenting with new formulas to achieve your goals.

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