Genetic Analysis for Diet & Fitness Genetic Analysis for Diet & Fitness

Genetic Analysis for Diet & Fitness

Unlock your body's preferred diet and ideal training plan based on your genes. Simple swab test in the mouth. Receive a full report and 12 week nutrition plan based on your genetics.


Health Assessments Health Assessments

Health Assessments

Meet with a Cambridge scientist who will perform tests to give you a comprehensive view of your health. Medical grade equipment used at our in-house laboratory built in partnership with the University of Cambridge.

Adrenal Stress Adrenal Stress

Adrenal Stress

Evaluate how well your adrenal glands function by performing a non-invasive saliva test to provide a clinical “snapshot” of hormone and immune function.

Bacterial Analysis Bacterial Analysis

Bacterial Analysis

Analyse bacterial populations in your stool sample to provide a comprehensive overview of all bacterial species that help regulate your immune system, vitamin synthesis, metabolism and biochemical functions.

Elemental Profile Elemental Profile

Elemental Profile

A single hair sample provides insight into absolute and relative deficiencies, toxicities and imbalances between elements in your body. These are crucial to specific enzyme reactions and biochemical functions.

Food Sensitivity Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity

A small blood sample is required to test food allegerns that have potential to cause adverse reactions or allergies.

(95 foods tested)

Cardiometabolic Profile Cardiometabolic Profile

Cardiometabolic Profile

Identify your risk for Cardiovascular Disease as well as Type 2 Diabetes by a simple bloodspot test.

Hormone Status Hormone Status

Hormone Status

Let our trained team use small samples of your blood and saliva to determine any imbalances in your overall hormone health.

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