Mountain Burn™ Mountain Burn™

Mountain Burn™


Take on intense hills designed to improve endurance and greatly increase strength. The Wattbike has been designed in partnership with olympic cyclists to accurately replicate the feel of the road. 

45 mins


Time Pursuit™ Time Pursuit™

Time Pursuit™


Whether you are preparing for longer rides outdoors, a specific competitive event, or just want to up your fitness level, this class is for you.

45 mins

Power Sprints™ Power Sprints™

Power Sprints™


Precisely timed high-intensity intervals to maximize your performance. A pure workout for your heart and lungs. Expect to get breathless, sweat buckets, and burn baby, burn.

45 mins

Race Ryde™ Race Ryde™

Race Ryde™

This class is designed to improve aerobic endurance, lung capacity, strength and alignment. Improve your power, speed and performance using Wattbike’s accurate data to analyze over 40 parameters about your riding. Train like a pro.

45 mins

Private Team Road Training Private Team Road Training

Private Team Road Training

Book out our Wattbike studio to train your team weekly. We work with cycling clubs that want to improve their game on the road. Call us or email. 


Open Cycling Open Cycling

Open Cycling

Train on your own time, in your own way. Wattbike studio open for your personal training outside of classes. 

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